However, pork crackling slightly recurs to the throne and Cerić is its capital for sure. Just like pork fat, pork crackling takes a great part in traditional Croatian …

Pork fat has always been highly appreciated in our cuisine. That’s why it is a great choice for preparing smooth and crunchy buns and dough delicacies …

If you consider yourself a real gourmand, then you’ve surely heard of pork crackling spread which is a real delight for our palate …

Test of Pork cracklings from the Market

According to the test of Magazine “Jutarnji List (Like!)” Our Pork cracklings are definitely won ahead of competing products. Mesorad cracklings earned rave epithets such as:

fine and crispy.

Consumers of our products have awarded our product, tradition, performance and quality.

Thank you! Sincerely yours, MESORAD Cerić



Our company documented, introduced and applied the HACCP management system and IFS norm in accordance with the highest international standards which confirm certainty and quality of the products for our clients. Many domestic and international fair’s recognitions can be the evidence to the highest quality of our products…


The company got a new appearance and completely new packaging. New visual identity relies on the tradition and the product uniqueness. This is the way for our brand to make stronger presence both in the present and future markets.

Companies with whom we work and where you can buy our products


Strategic guidelines of our business are based on connecting the centuries long tradition, guarded family recipes and modern technology and production standards. We are focused on the high quality of our products in order to develop the products that will be recongnized not only in Croatia, but beyond boundaries of our country.