About Us

MESORAD – Tradition from the heart of Slavonia

The Meso-rad company is established in 2007 with the primary activity of meat production and meat products. The company is located in Cerić near Vinkovci where all the production with the contemporary production line is done..

Strategic guidelines of our business are based on connecting the centuries long tradition, guarded family recipes and modern technology and production standards. We are focused on the high quality of our products in order to develop the products that will be recongnized not only in Croatia, but beyond boundaries of our country.

Pork crackling – Croatian gastronomy jewel

However, pork crackling slightly recurs to the throne and Cerić is its capital for sure. Just like pork fat, pork crackling takes a great part in traditional Croatian cuisine. Our grandparents used to enjoy this delicacy but crackling was persecuted at the end of the last century.

The persecution almost pushed out the cracklings and that’s the main reason we are lacking the real traditional pork crakling and its high price nowadays. It is know that the fats are a very important part of our nutrition and pork cracklings are a real Croatian gastronomy jewel.